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About Levi

"Levi Saelua has a wonderful musical voice expressed through his compositions and arrangements. He creates music that is both imaginitive and engaging to listener and performer. He is also a very fine saxophonist and improviser."

Jeff Campbell, bassist/composer

"Levi has a rare comprehension of the many elements that all great music shares, regardless of superficial category."

Bill Dobbins, pianist/composer

"Alto saxophonist Levi Saelua's clear and expressive tone serves the melodies well, as does his technical yet emotive improvising."

Paul Naser,  All About Jazz review of Bryan McAllister's Very Stable Genius


Photo by Tyler Mussetter

An award-winning composer and saxophonist, Levi Saelua maintains a full schedule playing with and writing for artists and ensembles in a variety of genres. He has performed in theaters and concert halls all over North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, and he regularly performs with Triism, Tenor Explosion, Joe Mazzaferro, Alex Jenkins, and the Capital Jazz Project. He is currently the director of Colossus West and co-director of the Pacific Standard Jazz Orchestra.


Levi began his musical studies at age 6 with the Sacramento Taiko Dan under the direction of Sensei Tiffany Tamaribuchi. At age 9, he began studying saxophone and, five years later, arranged his first piece for jazz combo while attending Rio Americano High School. Upon graduating from Rio Americano's internationally distinguished jazz program, Levi furthered his music education at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY, studying saxophone with Chien-Kwan Lin, Jose Encarnacion, and Charles Pillow, and jazz composition with Bill Dobbins and Dave Rivello. As a student at Eastman, Levi had the opportunity to work with artists such as Bob Brookmeyer, Maria Schneider, Bill Holman, Ryan Truesdell, Jeff Beal, and many others. Since then, he has written for and/or performed with artists such as Bryan McAllister, Casey Lipka, Jacam Manricks, Alexa Tarantino, Marc Broussard, JoDavi, Solabel, the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, and the Sacramento Philharmonic.

Levi appears on:

Here to Say! (2010), Fatum Brothers' Jazz Orchestra

Live in Chicago (2013), Fatum Brothers' Jazz Orchestra

Colossus (2013), Colossus

Jazztrobeats (2013), Jazztronauts

Circles (2015), Bryan McAllister

The Temple (2016), Current Personae

New Life (2017), Shawn Thwaites Rebel Quartet

Personality (2017), Anthony Ty Johnson

Don't Be Afraid (2018), Karate Mountain

Farkhunda (2018), Current Personae

Christmas Card Vol. II (2018), Jacam Manricks

The Spirituality Suite (2019), Dan Jonas

Crystal Mama (2019), Bro Brocean

Super Saxto (2019), Jacam Manricks

Live @ the Clara (2019), Alex Jenkins Quartet

Very Stable Genius (2019), Bryan McAllister

Talk About It! (2020), Joe Mazzaferro Big Band

Cannot Fast Travel When Enemies Nearby (2020), Ethan Swett

One More Go (2021), JoDavi

Tri-Cycle (2021), Alex Jenkins Trio

I'll Meet You There (2022), Bryan McAllister

S.M.F. Jazz Collective, Vol. 2 (2022) S.M.F. Jazz Collective

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